About Us

We wanted to create something that is more than just another health blog and that is what Doctorprescribed is all about.  We provide helpful health-related information right from the health care providers, that’s our doctors – Dr. David Zachary, who is the head doctor specialized in various fields of medicine such as Physical medicine and rehabilitation, Spine and Sports Medicine, Exercise Science,  Metabolism, and Clinical Research and Nutritional Biochemistry. He started his clinical career after he found various integrative medicine facilities in orthopedics and sports medicine. Supporting Dr.Zachary we have two of yet another smart Doctors- Dr.Erin Steven and Dr.Jeffrey Cole who are equally passionate in the field. We believe expert advice is what’s lacking today.   With so many health blogs and information, people are misguided and confused about what can be done and what cannot be done.

The Doctorprescibed.org will give your daily update on every field of health starting from health advice, honest supplement reviews, laters weightloss, and diet, etc. We believe in making people healthy by giving them the truth and not just some biased information.  We carefully choose and craft the information so that delivered on the blog is verified by experts and can be followed without actually putting your mind and body on trial based on some random information.

How we, Doctorprescribed,  select the product for testing?

We have a brilliant team that does market research for products that are popular as well as those which our users specifically request us to review. We buy the product just like any other customer through the products official website or reputed online retail stores. We do not accept any kind of products from the manufacturers for promoting or grading.

The samples of the product are then run through analytical chemistry assays in an FDA approved lab with doctors specialized in the specific field.  The active ingredients and the potential contaminants are measured. We then convert these results into scores. We compare the actual results that we found to that of the label that comes with the product. We have separate scoreboards for Label Accuracy, Product Purity, Nutritional Value, Ingredient Safety, and Projected Efficacy.

How does Doctorprescribed sell products? How do we sustain by being unbiased?

The Doctorprescribed is a blog that has been built to provide real and quality information to the consumer. Therefore we work under a specific business model that enables us to stay real and unbiased therefor guarantying the best quality information. We stay true since we believe that if Doctorprescribed.org succeeds in becoming the most trusted provider of quality health information and products, we can offer the best way to purchase the products and use the income to test more products for free.

We abide by the following rules:

  • We will never sell a product we have not tested.
  • We will never allow manufacturers to influence our ratings.
  • We will never favor a specific product.
  • We will give you quality information for free.

That’s all, Thank you for stopping by!