One statement common to every sex-ed class in the world is- having unprotected sex can get you pregnant. While that’s true (obviously), you later realize that things aren’t that simple at all. Fun fact: you cannot get pregnant at any time of the month. There’s something called the fertility window which opens up approximately in the middle of your menstrual cycle- five days that are the most optimum for pregnancy. The fifth day of this window is the day you ovulate- that is, one of your ovaries releases an egg.

The egg is available for fertilization for about 12 hours, so if there is any sperm present nearby, your chances of getting pregnant are the highest. It’s not guaranteed that you’ll get pregnant, but this is your best shot.

Best Fertility Tracker Apps

So, now that we know how ovulation works, the next question that comes to mind is- how do we know when we ovulate? Some blessed women have no trouble with this process because they have a perfect 28-day cycle, where ovulation occurs on the 14th day.

But most women have slightly or majorly irregular cycles, which means that it’s difficult for them to know the exact day they ovulate.

For these women, fertility tracker apps work best.

What do fertility tracker apps do?

Basically, fertility tracker apps help to demarcate your fertility window in the month and pinpoint your ovulation day. You simply have to put in the date of the first day of your period, and the app charts out the rest for you. It is a godsend for women and couples who are trying to conceive.

If you are looking for the best fertility tracker apps out there, here are three that are sure to make the job of tracking your ovulation an easy process for you:

The 3 Best Fertility tracker apps of 2019

  1. Fertility Friend

Fertility Friend

With Fertility Friend, new mommies who are trying to conceive can record the probable signs of fertility. The app then analyzes this data and charts out the best possible dates for you to start trying to conceive or take a pregnancy test. Fertility Friend is one of the oldest and most premium apps of fertility charting and has about 15 years of experience and over 600,000 pregnancies to prove its efficiency. The app is freely available, but you can also get a premium membership for $45. The premium membership will help you receive more detailed analyses of fertility signs and confirm a potential pregnancy as well.

  1. Clue


The clue is one of the smartest fertility tracker apps available out there. It fits your data into an algorithm, Clue is able to chart out your cycle quite effectively. The makers of the app are of the opinion that Clue gets smarter the more you keep using it. With Clue, you can input data on the individual days of your cycle, which are then recorded. You can refer back to these records during future cycles to see if there is a pattern to your menstrual health. The clue is also very simple and easy to follow, and clearly demarcates the days of your period, the five fertile days, the day of ovulation, and the day you can start expecting PMS symptoms in case you do not get pregnant. The app is also freely available, which has made it so popular amongst moms-to-be.

  1. Ovia


The best thing about Ovia is that it uses a lot of very specific information to create a pattern that is specific to you. For example, the app asks for your eating and sleeping habits to derive the time of your ovulation. Also, the maker of this app, who is now its CEO, used these algorithms to help him and his wife conceive successfully. The distinctive factor of this app is that it uses a large amount of data to make one prediction. It has gathered data from thousands of women who are either pregnant or trying to be so, which makes it a pretty believable and trustworthy source. The app itself is free, but you can get an upgrade for 99 cents, which will allow you to receive customized articles and themes.


A lot of people are encouraging the use of fertility tracker app to improve their chances of getting pregnant and with positive results. There are plenty of other fertility tracker apps widely available online. So, if you and your partner do not have the time to visit the doctor to confirm the best time for you to get pregnant, these fertility tracker apps will work just fine instead.