Health and lifestyle in the modern age goes synonymous with maintaining a healthy body shape and strength. This is only achievable with pure hard work and exercise. Often, we are too busy to take out some gym time, and when we do, we may not have all the time to workout on every part of our body. When it comes to working on the lower part of the body, it requires more patience and endurance, squatting with weight or without is quite a tasking workout. However, leg press machine can be a much-needed hack for those looking for some ease working on those leg muscles.

Know About The Types Of Leg Press Machines

What Is A Leg Press Machine?

A workout equipment designed for lower body exercise is referred to as leg press machine. It helps to strengthen and tone your legs, thighs, and glutes just like any other lower body workouts like doing squats but on a machine.

These leg press machines are commonly available in vertical, horizontal, and angled positions.

They are available in most gyms and if you are someone enthusiastic about a home gym, you may want one in your home too.

How To Find The Best Leg Press Machine For You?

Types of leg press machines

Before you proceed to purchase one, know about the types of leg press machines:

Vertical leg press machine- In these, you lie in a flat position on your back with your legs directly beneath the weights. Once the weight lock is disengaged, you gradually lower and raise the weights with the strength of your legs alone. It engages more of your abdominal muscles than an angled leg press machine. It also provides additional support for your back, ensuring that your spine is not affected while exercising.

Horizontal leg press machine- These positions you at a 90-degree angle horizontally. It is like sitting on a chair with your legs straight out in front of you and gradually pushing against the weight. Take care to sit in a proper form to avoid any injuries.

Angled seat leg press machine- The sitting position and the weights are downward angled at 45 degrees, so you are positioned right in the middle between a horizontal and vertical press. These can also work as a hack squat machine, that is it will enable you to do both leg presses and angled squats.

It is common to find horizontal and angled leg press machines in your local gym, while the vertical press machines are commonly designed for heavy weightlifting and bodybuilding.

Benefits of working out with a leg press machine:

    • You can safely lift more weight without worrying as these come with weight locks and you do not have to stress balancing a bar or hurting yourself
    • It is convenient, whether you workout in a gym or decide to purchase one for home
    • Using a leg press machine allows you to target the muscles in your legs and hips, work more effectively on your lower body 
    • For those engaged in sports, it can help improve your vertical jump height.
    • It does not involve spinal engagement, so if you are worried about your back injury, you can go for a Leg press to let you exercise and strengthen your lower body
  • Makes it easy lifting more weights on the leg press than doing squats with weights, without hurting your spine.

Things to know before buying a leg press machine:

If you plan to buy a leg press machine for yourself then see it as an investment into your future

  • Look for a leg press machine that fits your available space, find a compact leg press, or a full-size hack squat and leg press machine in existing home gyms.
  • A leg press is not an inexpensive piece of equipment, but it’s important to find one that fits your budget and not break your bank
  • Buy a machine with an upper and lower weight limit matching your goal weight to serve you better
  • Find out if the leg press comes with any accessories and are they useful to you or are you just paying extra for unneeded items
  • Learn about the press machines’ features, does it convert to a hack-squat machine or any other extra features offered, etc