A primer is meant to act as a base coat for makeup products like foundations and concealers. After you complete your skincare routine, you first apply the primer and then go in with your makeup. So primer is the first layer of product that directly interacts with the skin. Hence it plays a very important role in overall skin health.

Relation Between Acne And Primers

Acne is usually common in oily skins. It occurs due to the build-up of oil in the pores of the skin. As the primer lies over the skin directly for prolonged periods, it can further block pores and increase acne. So it is very important to choose a primer that reduces the oiliness of the skin while also performing its function as a makeup base.

Acne-fighting primers usually have a dual function- they keep the skin matt and shine-free for a flawless makeup look and they also protect the skin from oil accumulation and break-outs.

Find The Best Primers That Will Give You A Beautiful Makeup Base

Things to look out for in anti-acne primers

It is essential for everyone, especially people with oily skin to thoroughly research a primer before committing to it. Dermatologists recommend that the best primers for acne-prone skin contain an ingredient called dimethicone which prevents oil accumulation and stops the makeup from sliding off the skin. Other useful ingredients for skin health like salicylic acid are also available in some primers.

Just like any products for external or internal consumption, it is very important to study the composition. This helps avoid any allergic reactions and also eliminates and chooses products best suited to one’s own skin type.

Some good primers for acne-prone skin

There is a massive variety of makeup products available in the market for different price ranges and different skin types. Some formulas that work well on oily and acne-prone skins are –

  • Laura Mercier Foundation Primer- Oil-Free- this product is designed specifically for oily skin. It is enriched with different vitamins like A, C and E to provide the skin with anti-oxidants and keep it healthy and glowing.
  • Elf Blemish Control Face Primer- this product claims to make your makeup last longer and keep your skin acne-free. The product also has things like salicylic acid, tea tree oil, vitamin E to reduce blemishes from acne marks. This primer is also free of parabens and cruelty-free. 
  • Tarte Cosmetics Poreless Mattifying Primer- this product keeps the skin shine or oil-free for 12 hours. It is a vegan product that has avocado, goji berry and pomegranate extracts to keep skin smooth and oil-free.
  • CoverFX Mattifying Primer with Anti-Acne Treatment- this product has a dual objective of treating acne as well as providing a makeup base. It contains will bark extracts rich in salicylic acid to fight blemishes of the skin. Vitamins like C, E and F are infused into the product to reduce inflammation and red spots of acne. 
  • Dr. Brandt Pores No More Pore Refiner Primer- this primer works wonders to cover up the pores of the skin and provide a smooth finish. Linseed extracts and tea tree extracts absorb excess oil from the skin. This product works as a base for makeup, but can also be used by itself to give the skin a smooth, natural finish.

These products are just a few of the wide variety of primers available in the market for acne reduction and oily skin types. These products mostly have some common features. They contain ingredients that reduce acne marks; they absorb excess oil/sebum build-up in the pores of the skin and give the skin a matt, smooth look. It is essential for customers to find a product that will best suit their makeup style as well as their skin type.

Acne is a common problem for many people. Having acne-prone skin can be a physically as well as mentally challenging situation for many. So it is very important to spend time on research and experiment with different products to find one that is the best fit. Primers need to be carefully chosen because of their impact on skin health. A good primer will allow you to be bold and beautiful with your makeup while also keeping your skin healthy and happy.