Some skin types are oilier than others. Skins exhibit different contours in different weather conditions. Most people in the summer season complain of skin oiliness. Face skin needs special care in summers to keep off an oily look. Body powders and face powders help keep skin fresh during hot weather days. Body powders should also be applied in winters when we have to put on heavier or layered clothing. Accumulated sweat and oils of the skin attract microbes and can give rise to several skin problems. Powders help to soak up the sweat and oil excreted by the skin glands.

Various Powders For Oily Skin

Prickly heat powders

Prickly heat is a common problem during summers. Prickly heat rashes on the skin can arise due to sweating and blocking of skin glands due to excreted oil. These are extremely irksome as they seem to prick the skin off and on. Application of prickly heat powder on the affected area three to four times a day relieves prickly heat symptoms.

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Fragrant powders for summers

Excessive sweating during hot and humid weather causes bad body odor. Light and organic fragrant powders soak up the sweat and keep the body fresh throughout the day

Face powders for summers

The face is uncovered. When in the sun or outside in hot weather beads of sweat and oil need constant removal with a face towel. Constant dabbing of the face causes skin pores to enlarge excessively and can even damage them. Application of face powders helps skin maintain composure and equanimity all through the day. 

Antimicrobial powders for summers

Many top brands of powders available in the market have antimicrobial properties. Microbes are attracted to hot sweaty skin where they take a seat inside skin pores and make way to inner quarries. The application of antimicrobial body powders prevents the attack of microbes on the skin and several skin diseases.

How to choose a face powder

Choice of face powder can be made according to skin tone types. Face powders are available for various skin tones ranging from light to darker skin tones. It is best to match face powder tone with skin tone for a perfect blend. Face powders also contain sunscreen denoted by SPF. Darker skin tones absorb more sun rays than lighter skin types which reflect them. Hence face powders with high SPF are more suited for darker skin types.

How to apply face powder

Before applying face powder in the morning it is best to clean the face with face wash and dab with a soft face towel. Steam inhalation should be done before applying anything to the face. Before applying face powder a layer of aqueous summer cream can also be applied. The face powder should be applied with the face dab and spread out evenly. 

Powder touch up especially over the nose and forehead can be applied every one or two hours to remove excess oil. At the end of the day, the face should be washed with face wash and dabbed clean. Wet cotton can be used to clear off the clogged pores. It is also recommended to take steam prior to calling it a day. Before going to bed a light night face lotion can be applied. 

Face powders are available in compact round or square packs with mirrors. Face pack labels carry information on safety, tone, SPF, and other specifications on the backside. It is best to refer to label information before buying a powder.

How to apply body powder

Body powder can be applied after taking bath. The body should be dried with a towel and powder can be applied with a powder puff. Inhaling powder particles should be avoided by the careful application. The powder should be especially applied in body pits and crevices where sweat tends to accumulate. The body can be powdered before beginning the day and after a lukewarm or cool bath at night.

Difference between deodorant and body powders

Some may mistake body deodorants as substitutes for powders. If you use deodorants you can also use powder. Deodorants do keep away unpleasant body odors but cannot soak up sweat and oil. Body powders achieve both purposes however they cannot be applied on the go.

Best selling powder brands at best rates

Best-selling powder brands carry the mark of quality and safety standards with detailed usage information on the labels. It is a good idea to use powder-type mix instead of only one powder type. For example, you may like to use a stronger powder type with antimicrobial protection at the starting of the day and light soothing organic body powder after your night bath.