Do you know, 30 % of exercise and 70% of diet maintains a healthy body? If you feel lazy, tired, or at least bothered to move around, and munching is part of your daily routine but still want to stay fit and don’t want to gain extra weight? We have come with the exact right solution for you.

Best Diet Plans To Help You To Improve Your Overall Health

Among a humongous list of diets, here’s a list of the best five weight-loss diets ranked by panelists of health experts. We have narrowed it down to provide you with a quick read and easy to pick and follow the diet.

Best Diet Plans To Help To Improve Your Overall Health.

  • The Flexitarian Diet 

As you would have correctly guessed by now, the name is a mix-up of two words, i.e., flexible + vegetarian. This diet ultimately doesn’t suggest dropping off meat from your meal, but one can eat their favorite meat dishes when they have a craving for it while being vegetarian for most of the time.

By adhering to this diet, it will not only help in losing weight but also improve health conditions. The basic way to follow is to pick any five food groups to the diet but not taking any away. Everything comes with pros and cons.

So for this diet, pros are much more as compared to cons, which fall to absolutely none. So do give this a try and watch the change.

  • WW- Weight Watchers

Yes, there was a tie between the number 1 and the number two. You will know why. The best part about this diet is eating what you want and there are no food limits. The person is free to build their diet.

Some delicious food ideas are egg, bacon, and avocado sandwiches, Chopped spinach salad and pear salad with sherry vinaigrette, Classic Lasagna, Chocolate mousse espresso shots, Toast with avocado and red pepper flakes. But yes, it is little not so pocket-friendly. It starts from anywhere around $19/ $20. Considering a person’s age and fitness motivates the person to be as active as they can.

  • Vegan Diet

Vegans are different from vegetarians as vegans exclude even dairy and eggs. Vegan diets are already rising in the US. Dining out and also finding vegan food items in stores are quite easy. It’s not important to go cold turkey; each week couple of meat-free dishes will do.

Later, these can be substituted by some veggies or tofu at the place of chicken or beef. For more effectiveness, sticking to exercise routine and reducing intake of calories as recommended maximum. Bypassing the butcher will help in balancing the price as strictly following a vegan diet could be moderate to expensive. 

  • Volumetrics Diet

This diet could be the best once you get hold of this. The main goal is to reduce the feeling of hunger and induce a diet with high water content and low-calorie density. While rich water content will fill up the tummy easily and also keep the extra calories at bay.

Soups, Yogurt, fruits and veggies, and even pasta can be eaten in this diet. No food is off-limits. One can eat whatever they are craving. The only con this diet has is the large meal preparation process and in case someone doesn’t like fruits or veggies, then forget this diet. 

  • Jenny Craig Diet 

On Jenny Craig, losing weight can be the easiest, like managing calories. If someone follows the diet with dedication, they can lose up to 2 pounds a week. There are four program offers under Jenny Craig and full guidance is provided to the members to keep them motivated.

The diet can be followed as long as one wants to. There is no guesswork in this diet. Pre-packaged meals are delivered. If you have no time to cook, then you can opt for this diet, but in contrast, it could be difficult as it doesn’t promote home-cooked or restaurant meals.