At the end of a long and tiresome day, you really do need a good sleep so that you can rest your organs and get a fresh start the next day. But thoughts throughout your mind, tension, and other such troublesome things may ruin your sleep.

Home Remedies For A Deep Sleep

An average human being requires at least seven hours of sleep. Being deprived of sleep leads to a number of health disorders including temperament fluctuations, drowsiness and lack of concentration in your work.

Here is how you can get a good night’s sleep by using some home remedies:

  • Keep aside your mobile phone

Keep aside your mobile phone

Stay away from your mobile phones or laptops at night. Nowadays, nearly everyone has the habit of using their mobile phones after lying in bed. Use of mobile phones disrupts your normal sleep routine and in most of the days, you will find staying awake till the dead of night. Plus the light that comes out of the screen of your phone is harmful to your eyes. To prevent this, try to develop a sleep routine. Try to complete your dinner early and then give yourself some time to digest the food. You can use your phone during this period. After you are done, put your phone away and go to sleep.

  • Quit drinking and smoking

drinking and smoking

Avoid the intake of alcohol or stop smoking. It has been found by researches that people who are chain smokers find it quite difficult to rest at night than the ones who don’t have the habit of smoking. Nicotine withdraws an amount of sleep from what you were supposed to sleep for. It also leads to breathing disorders like asthma that may prove to be an obstacle for sleeping. And in case of alcohol, you will find the urge to sleep mostly but it may lead to the development of a habit. And ultimately, you will find yourself addicted to the idea of consuming alcohol to get a good sleep on a daily basis.

  • Read


Try to use your bed for sleeping only. If you have the habit of strolling around on your bed then stop it. The bed should be the comfort zone that would lure you to sleep as soon as you lie on it. If you find it difficult to sleep even after lying on the bed, then try reading. Eventually, you will be feeling like sleeping. And if you have the habit of sleeping with lights on, try to sleep under dim light.

  • Avoid spicy food

Avoid spicy food

You have to check your food habit as well to get a sound sleep. For example, if you eat too much spicy and heavy food, you will suffer from indigestion. This won’t let you sleep. Avoid drinking too much tea or coffee because these beverages contain caffeine and other stimulants that prevents you from falling asleep. Eat a light dinner that you will be able to digest easily. Also, dinner should be completed quite sometime before sleeping. Drink a lot of water during the day time and a lesser amount at night.

  • Practice Yoga

Practice Yoga

Try to get a little time for doing yoga at home in the morning. Yoga reduces stress, improves physical functioning, stimulates mental focus and imparts a positive effect on sleep quality. Choose the yoga style that would be the most suitable for you and try doing it daily for some time. Yoga will have a positive effect not only on your daily sleep but also on your mind and other activities that you need to perform on a daily basis.

You can also try other exercises or any other such physical activities. Aerobic exercises will surely improve your sleep. But exercises have to be done at the right time of the day. According to researchers, aerobic exercise increases endorphins hormones in your body that energizes you. So, exercises have to be timed right, most preferably in the earlier parts of the day.

You yourself could be the remedy to the problem of insomnia. Try to follow these simple steps and you will surely get the result. For instance, keep the lights out and completely black it out at night before going to sleep. This will prevent interference with your sleep pattern. Keep a flashlight or a reading lamp near your bed so that you can turn it on in case of any need. You also have the option to rely on medication for getting rid of sleeplessness. But we all know that the natural way is the best way to cure a problem.