Excessive sweating in the scalp leads to disgusting odor and wet patches. Apart from the unwanted shine on the scalp, the order of the hair also gets distorted upon the accumulation of sweat in the scalp. As if this was not enough, prolonged scalp sweating could cause scalp infection and may also lead to hair fall.

Home Remedies For Sweaty Scalps

Another major issue of scalp sweat is that they dry out the scalp quickly. This blocks the growth of new hair. This also leads to the accumulation of natural salts in the sweat. It strips the color of the actual hair and causes untimely and premature graying of hair.

Due to these reasons, it is very essential to realize the issue of the sweaty scalp and treat it as quickly as possible.

There might be several commercial remedies on offer nowadays that offer quick relief. However, it is advisable to not choose them as they are expensive and may have side effects. You can easily find homemade remedies that work excellently in treating the sweaty scalp.

Below is a discussion on the home remedies that can help you fight this issue.

  • Lemon


Lemon is a citrus fruit and it helps to control the sweat gland and sebum gland. Hence, it offers great relief from sweat problems in your scalp. Remember that you should not apply undiluted lemon juice to the scalp directly. Firstly, get three tablespoons of coconut water and mix it with lemon juice. Blend them well before applying them thoroughly on your scalp and hair. Massage your scalp with this mixture for some time. This process greatly helps to reduce the sweating in your scalp

  • Gram Flour With Yogurt

Gram Flour With Yogurt

The blend of yogurt and gram flour works excellently in helping reduce the issue of scalp sweating. For this, get a tablespoon gram flour and mix it with one cup of sour yogurt. Mix the contents well before applying them on your hair and scalp. Allow the pack to dry for a while. Finally, wash this off with a mild shampoo. You can repeat this process once every week. It has proven to reduce the excess sweat found in your scalp.

  • Soap Nut

Soap Nut

Soap nut is proven to be effective against the persistent problem of the sweaty scalp. They have the added function of keeping the bacterial infection away. To achieve this, take a bit of soap nut and keep them soaked in hot water throughout the night. Next morning, rub the soaked soap nuts in the water to get a soapy substance you may now use this solution to rinse the scalp thoroughly. This helps you remove the existing oil and dirt and helps to maintain a clean scalp and hair. It also helps keep them dry. If the scalp is not properly cleaned, there are chances that it may pick up scalp infection. If you want to enjoy its benefits regularly, keep repeating this process regularly.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is an important home remedy that you can use to combat the issue of the sweaty scalp. In order to apply them, you have to first mix ten drops of apple cider vinegar with two or three tablespoons of plain water. Once you have them together, mix them together quickly and apply it on the scalp. Note that you have to leave this mixture in your scalp for about 30 minutes. You can wash the mixture off after thirty minutes by using cool water. Apple cider vinegar has shown great potential in holding the excessive sweating under control and to help in oil secretion of the scalp.

  • Fenugreek With Henna

Fenugreek With Henna

Fenugreek powder also has a reputation for solving the issues with the sweaty scalp. To use it, first, take the powder and add it to a bit of henna powder. Now add a small amount of water to the mixture and blend them well. Stop when you get a fine paste and apply this on to your scalp and hair. The mixture of henna and fenugreek powder keeps the excessive scalp sweat away. The latter has excellent antifungal and antibacterial properties which help in putting an end to the further growth of bacteria responsible for the irritating odor. It is advisable to use this combination to treat your scalp at least once every week.

The above are some quick fixes you can find to fight the issue of the sweaty scalp. These will allow you to maintain a healthy scalp and hair.