The ketogenic diet is quite difficult to follow as you have to cut down on all your high-calorie favorite food items. Have you ever thought about why there are no alternatives for this particular food that you love the most! So, here is good news for you if you have been feeling low for avoiding all your favorite foods! Now you can happily go for these pasta alternatives even when you are under the Keto diet. Yes, you heard it right! You find lots of pasta and noodles varieties across the world, and there is keto-friendly pasta too! If You’re interested in keto diet, we recommend to read One Shot keto review in powdersvillepost

But you will have to customize it on your own as pasta and noodles contain carbs that can be transformed into low-carb ones. You can either cut the noodles or use a low-carb noodle alternative. With these keto-friendly recipes, you can have the cake and eat it too! You will not be breaking your ket diet rules and having your favorite food at the same time. Isn’t it interesting? Making keto-friendly pasta is quite easy as there are several pasta variations available at the stores. Here are some of the keto-friendly pasta options:

  1. Black bean pasta: You will get this at the stores easily. The two-ingredient black bean pasta is a healthy choice when you are on a keto diet as it is very low in carbs. Though black beans contain carbs, it also high in fiber. However, be careful to keep the portion small. 
  2. Kelp pasta: Kelp pasta and noodles are made of seaweed, which is low in fat and calories. This variation of pasta is also rich in iron, calcium, fiber, and Vitamin K. you can get Kelp pasta at the retail stores and even online.
  3. Spaghetti squash: This one variety of pasta will make you eat a lot of veggies along because it requires a lot of vegetables to be added to get the right taste and texture. You can go for starchy vegetables that are low in calories, sodium, and fat. Also, look at the nutrient listing on the package.
  4. Zoodles: Zucchini-based noodles are termed zoodles. You can go for them with a low-carb sauce. But, be cautious about the portion size you take. One large zucchini might contain around seven grams of carbs. When you are on a keto diet, you have to keep it below 20 grams per day. If you take a small portion of zoodles, you will have room for other carb-contained food items as well.
  5. Shirataki noodles: They are usually made from the fibrous part of the konjac yam. It is high in fiber and low in carbs and calories. Sounds great, right? You can just add Shirataki noodles to your meals and serve them with a keto-friendly sauce.

You can have your standard pasta when on a keto diet. You will just have to count the carbs and fiber content in it. It is better to go for pasta options that are of non-starchy vegetables. But, you don’t have to forget pasta for being under a keto diet.