Prostastream Reviews – Product Overview

ProstaStream is a dietary supplement that you can easily buy from the official website. This supplement uses ingredients to treat prostate problems, including saw palmetto berries, graviola extract, mushroom extract, and tomato powder. The formula also contains zinc and copper, both of which are related to prostate health.

By taking ProstaStream daily, you can purportedly treat prostate symptoms and relieve symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). The makers of Prosta Stream claim that their formula targets severe inflammation primarily caused by an enlarged prostate supplement.

The company also claims that its formula is “the only clinically proven natural supplement” that addresses the root cause of an enlarged prostate and helps you sleep through the night and only urinate three times a day.

ProstaStream costs between $ 50 and $ 70 per bottle, making it one of the most expensive prostate supplements sold online today. Let’s take a closer look at Prosta Stream to see if it works and if there is any scientific evidence to support the formula.

How does ProstaStream work?

prostastream reviews

ProstaStream contains a blend of dozens of herbal and plant extracts mixed with vitamins and minerals. However, few of these ingredients are found in a large enough dose to significantly affect the body.

The main ingredients in ProstaStream include zinc, selenium, copper, saw palmetto berries, plant sterol complex, and Pygeum africanum bark. While the formula contains dozens of other ingredients, none of the doses seem large enough to harm human health.

Most prostate support supplements contain similar ingredients. In fact, you can find similar ingredients in a $ 10 multivitamin. Zinc and copper are linked to prostate health, and studies show that some men with prostate problems have low zinc levels. Zinc is found in particularly high concentrations in the prostate, and the recommended daily intake of zinc can help maintain a healthy prostate.

The plant sterol complex is also linked to prostate health. Although known as beta-sitosterol, plant sterols are natural plant substances found in fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. As WebMD explains, beta-sitosterol (that is, plant sterols) is “used most often to lower cholesterol and improve symptoms of an enlarged prostate (benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH).”