Are you looking for Vert Shock Review? Perfecting that art of dunking like a pro is every basketball gamers dream. Do you agree? If you love to play basketball, how many times do you practice dunking? All the time … I know!

But something held me back from getting it just right and I used to feel so exasperated. I kept wondering how to improve my vertical jump so that I could also dunk. And finally, I came across Vert Shock. Vert Shock has recently grabbed the headlines for all that it is. Moreover, it has already become quite a popular name among basketball enthusiasts and ardent Michael Jordan aspirants!

Vert Shock Review –  Does This Jump Training Program Really Works?

In case you have not yet heard about it, then no problem! Thankfully you have landed up at the right place and at the right time! You can go through this Vert Shock review that I have penned down for you. And mind you, this is not by fluke, for this Vert shock review is from my personal experience.

So, let us not wait anymore and just begin.

Vert Shock Reviews

Book TitleVert Shock
AuthorMr. Adam Folker
CategoryFitness Program
Official WebsiteClick Here

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 About Vert Shock

Vert Shock, a vertical jump training program by Mr. Adam Folker, is designed especially for basketball players. This Vert Shock program claims to bring forth visible results in just 8 weeks, wherein you can boost your vertical jump by 9 to 15 inches at least. Those who used to feel that they are not that tall or do not have an athletic stature, can try out this vertical jump training module and see the results.

Vert Shock by Adam Shock is NOT like those typical boring videos and tutorials that make mountain-high claims but deliver zero. But that is what I am saying. If all that you can think of is “Does the Vert Shock work” or not, simply keep on reading this Vert shock review.

Features of Vert Shock

As you keep reading this Vert shock review, you will find out how nicely Vert Shock by Adam Shock has been designed. The entire 8-week program has been clearly segmented into 3 phases. And these 3 different phases focus on different aspects that work cumulatively to achieve the common goal.

Let us see what the 3 phases are.

  1. Pre-Shock Phase – This is the very first module of Vert Shock by Adam Shock It continues for one week. This phase is meant for ‘shocking’ your body, i.e. prepping it up for the successive phases of the program. During the pre-shock phase, you will have to work out on all 6 out of 7 days. You can only take rest on the 4th day.
  1. Shock Phase – The Shock Phase is the most important and lengthiest phase of the entire Vert Shock training program by Adam Folker. This phase starts from the 2nd week and goes up to the 7th During this phase, you will need to go for 4 to 6 days of workout per week. There will be strength training exercises for your core and legs. It will also include various jump-specific exercises as well as intense plyometric drills.
  2. Post Shock Phase – The last i.e. the 8th week is all about vert shock complex training routines. In this final phase of Vert Shock by Adam Shock program, you will need to undergo 6 days of rigorous training sessions with only 1 day of break in between. After training very hard during the 7 weeks of Shock Phase, you will also need to carry out some vert shock dynamic warm-up in the last phase. This is to ensure that there is no muscle tear or injury resulting from grueling exercises.

In this Vert shock review, I would like to focus on what really differentiates this program from all the others with similar claims. Vert Shock by Adam Shock features –

  • Clear explanations in the form of high-resolution videos
  • Details that you would like to know about all the different kinds of exercises that includes
  • Well-explained video guides for complex plyometric exercises and core strengthening ones to power building drills like difficult squat jumps. All of these are needed to boost your lower-body strength and power to make higher vertical jumps.
  • Thoughtfully planned out the duration of the different exercises, so that the different body parts are allowed ample time to rest between each workout session
  • Nicely curated exercises that do not require very heavy weightlifting
  • Simple exercises meant for all; these can be performed by using your body weight or just by using a basketball

After seeing the Vert Shock results, I felt that it is totally worth the effort. Once you get into the program, you too will realize that it is pretty manageable.

ert shock customer reviews

Pros and Cons of Vert Shock

In my effort to put forward an honest Vert Shock review, it is impossible to avoid highlighting the pros and cons of the Vert Shock by Adam Shock jump training program.


  • Most Vert Shock reviews have talked about the video instructions that clearly explain every step and phase
  • The program is designed in such a manner that you will not need to hit the gym at all
  • The vert shock week 8 pdf is readily available online and you can download and take a print out for convenience
  • After completing this program you will be able to dunk like an expert
  • The entire Vert Shock ebook is created such that anybody can understand it
  • Offers great value for money
  • It comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee


  • Might seem slightly expensive
  • Several users in their Vert Shock reviews have mentioned that the overall program is very time-intensive

The pros are far more in number, which aligns exactly with my personal vert shock testimony.

Main advantages of Vert Shock

I agree that most users are in anticipation of Vert Shock results for better dunking abilities.  But ever since I went through this jumping training program, I have realized many more benefits about this course.

Vert Shock vs jump manual also offered me numerous advantages in the following ways –

  • My overall physical flexibility has increased manifold. I can distinctly feel my agility much more boosted than before
  • While playing basketball, I can block shots much more smartly now and get greater rebounds
  • My levels of stamina have significantly increased as per Vert Shock reviews.
  • And this is not just while I play basketball. I have noticed a general sense of heightened energy levels and enthusiasm in all that I do now, and while playing all other outdoor games

I am hopeful that you will realize some positive Vert Shock results too.


Vert Shock Creator

The main brain behind this Vert Shock ebook and the online program is Mr. Adam Folker. Folker used to play for the UC Irvine NCAA team and is now a proficient basketball player in a team in Europe.

Folker along with pro dunker Justin Darlington is the joint creators of this course. Darlington is the No. 1 player reckoned for this superb dunks. But Adam Folker will be your main instructor in this Vert Shock program.

Mr. Adam Folker

How does Vert Shock work?

In my Vert Shock 2.0 review, I would also like to share how this program actually works to boost your vertical jumping abilities.

The various sets of exercises, throughout the 3 phases and 8 weeks, mainly targeted at boosting your Type-IIb muscles. When you jump normally, the cycle of muscle contraction and extension lasts only about 0.3 seconds of surface contact time. And this program aims to build an even faster contract time so that your muscles are more powered-up during the vertical motion upwards.

But for the most effective results, you need to maintain a Vert Shock tracker to monitor your improvements.


Vert Shock Bonuses

Vert Shock price is now available a great discounted rate of just $67. If you don’t get yours at the earliest you might need to shell out a whopping $138 after this offer ends. The Vert Shock free download link is given below.

In Vert Shock review, But it is hard to ignore the truckloads of bonuses that are also available, worth nearly $330 for absolutely FREE!! You can win exciting books, mobile applications, diet checklists, CDs with NBA secrets, and several other Ballin’ Bonuses too.

vert shock free trial

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Final Words

As a typical “unathletic” looking fellow who dreamed of super dunks, I was almost about to give up on jumping tutorials when the Vert Shock by Adam Shock came to my rescue. Moreover, as I said before, I cannot deny the overall sense of activeness that I feel nowadays. I couldn’t be more thankful for this program, really!

And at the end of this Vert shock review, if you were to ask me is Vert Shock scam? I would not tell you anything but to first try out this program and then decide. Remember, you have got nothing to lose; just ask for your vert shock refund if you are unhappy. But I wonder whether you will ever want to do that!